Tools for the natural gas industry

Safe-T-Stoppers® for Street Tees & Service Tees

Mazco Products & Services Ltd. is a specialty tool provider to the natural gas industry, primarily in the distribution segment. The company's operations and manufacturing are located in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. Various distributors also sell Mazco Products across North America, including Groebner & Associates and PLCS Inc.

At Mazco, we believe worker safety is paramount and every effort must be made to keep employees out of a hazardous, gas-rich environment. Our products are designed with an emphasis on health and safety in the work place.

With Mazco Safe-T-Stopper® products, there are no harmful emissions of natural gas into the atmosphere, so the environment wins, too!

We know the historical background of older distribution systems built by various utility companies and we understand the complexities of renewal to distribution systems and how to provide cost effective solutions.

Our goal is to supply gas distribution companies with a range of line stopping and pipe plugging tools that will help them enhance worker safety, reduce construction costs and contribute to improved environmental stewardship.

At Mazco we continue to adapt our tools to fit different line stopping applications encountered in the field. We are capable of modifying our Safe-T-Stoppers, Safe-T-L-Stoppers and Valve Changers to meet almost every possible application.

PLCS inc.

102 Gaither Drive, Unit 1
Mt. Laurel, NJ, 08054
phone: 856-722-1333
fax: 856-273-9723

Groebner & Assoc.

9530 Fallon Avenue NE
Monticello, MN, 55632
phone: 763-295-5355
fax: 763-295-5360


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