Introducing the Safe-T-Stopper


The Mazco Safe-T-Stopper® is the only tool capable of stopping open gut service tees, street tees and other manufactured tees without stopping the main line. Safe-T-Stopper enhances worker safety, saves you time and money, is environmentally friendly and easy to use.



Safe-T-Stopper Benefits and Features

Worker Safety

Workers no longer need to be exposed to a hazardous gas rich environment. Safe-T-Stopper® is a closed tooling system.

Environmental Stewardship

No more planned releases of natural gas to the environment, reduce your GHG emissions, reduce permitting from authorities and enhance public image.

Money Savings

Reduce excavation size, stop or remove a service tee instead of interrupting a main, no welder required and reduce contractor costs.

Ease of Use

One worker operation, stopping takes only minutes.


  • Up to 100 psi stopping operation
  • Versatile and adaptable connection system
  • Simple and low maintenance
  • Light weight 6061 - T6 aluminum
  • Long life "o" rings and seals
  • Service tee stopping
  • Service tee removal or put back into service
  • Gases or liquids capable


  • Service connections to pipe type service tees of sizes ¾" to 2".
  • Service connections to Mueller No-blo service tees with or without brass completion plugs of sizes ¾" to 1 1/4".
  • Service connections to street tees of sizes ¾" to 2" on any size main of steel or cast iron.
  • Connect to pipe threads up to 2".
  • Connect to other manufactured tees including TDW, Continental, etc.
  • Stop service tees and remove aging compression fittings.

There are literally millions of service tees and compression fittings in the ground that will require attention in time. Virtually any service line stopping or service tee upgrades are done safely and efficiently with the Mazco Safe-T-Stopper®.

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