Remove Service Tees safely and quickly

Stop the line without releasing natural gas

Mazco Safe-T-Stopper® is a premium service tool designed to operate safely on natural gas service tee connections.

Why Safe-T-Stopper® line stopper tool?

There are literally millions of service tees and compression fittings in the ground that will require attention in time. In fact, failed compression fittings or failed compression coupling components, play a major role in most natural gas line leaks, along with human error.
Repairing and servicing gas lines is not to be taken lightly. Natural gas is highly flammable and potentially harmful to the worker and the environment.

With Safe-T-Stopper® line stopper tool, you can safely and efficiently hot tap a service tee and quickly repair valves and connections without risking the safety of your employees or releasing harmful gas into the atmosphere.

Safe-T-Stopper provides:

  • Improved Worker Safety

  • Better Environmental Stewardship

  • Reduced costs

  • Ease of use

Mazco Safe-T-Stopper® eliminates the need for main line hot tapping by allowing you to safely line stop service Tee connections for upgrade or removal from service.

How Does It Work?

The Safe-T-Stopper® is specifically designed to allow for open gut, pipe tees, street tees and no-blo service tee stopping or tee removal without the release of hazardous natural gas.

Simply mount the tool over the tee, remove the cap or plug, set an expandable plug or tapered self-threading plug below the branch and remove the tool. It's that simple!

Service tee connections can be put back in service or removed without the hazardous release of natural gas. Safe-T-Stopper® can also be used to change out faulty full port valves with no release of gas or other contained products.

Safe-T-Stopper® operates on:

  • ¾" to 2" open gut, home made pipe service tee connections
  • ¾", 1" and 1 ¼" Mueller No-Blo service tee connections with or without brass completion plug
  • 1/2" to 2" pipe threads
  • 3/4" to 2" threaded street tees on welded couplings and saddle connections

Mazco also manufactures the Safe-T-L-Stopper, for stopping elbow swing joint service connections, and 3/4" to 2" Valve Changer tools, for valve replacement, all in a non-gas-rich environment. Contact your nearest distributor for information on different service applications for our products.

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